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300 Liter Still for Distilling Liquids

Alembic Features and Alembic Parts

Liquids to distill with the alembic

At Cobrelis we have expanded your still catalog with a distiller with a large drainage capacity of 300 liters. We have stills of all kinds of capacities from small stills of 3 or 5 liters to stills of greater capacity of 100 to 300 liters.

Alembic Features and Alembic Parts

The drain alembic works like a traditional alembic: it has a squid (lower part of the alembic) where the elements for distillation are placed, the hood which is where the steam condenses and a serpentine cube (photo number 3) where the result comes out of the distillate.

However, this alembic is characterized by its peculiarity. And it is that it has a special entrance (photo number 4) that serves to introduce liquids into the distillate.

copper pot still for plants
copper pot still for plants

Liquids to Distill with the Alembic

The liquids you want to use depends on the distilled product. You can create your own homemade gin, whiskey, or rum. But in addition to distilling alcoholic beverages with an alembic, you can also obtain essential oils such as lavender oil, rosemary oil, oregano oil or tea tree oil. In this post of our Blog we remind you that they are the main essential oils that you can obtain with a copper alembic.

Distillation of firewater, distillation of rum, distillation of fruits, distillation of gin and distillation of liquors in general.

copper small pot stills

We have a great variety of alembics. You can find an alembic according to its capacity, to make your choice easier. Find the alembic that adapts better to your needs according to its capacity. You can choose between different types: Traditional alembics, Column alembics, Bain-marie alembics, Hydraulic alembics, and alquitaras.

Our stills than 20 liters capacity are handmade by skilled craftsmen with great experience.

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