Distillation Alembic Special Stills

Moonshine Pot Still

Moonshine Pot stills are copper stills in high demand today. In Cobrelis you will find a catalog of different capacities to distill this liquor. This type of alembic is an evolution of the traditional alembic manufactured to facilitate the distillation of cereals.

Moonshine History

Ingredients for distillation

Parts of a whiskey alembic

Whiskey Maceration

Moonshine History

The Moonshine Pot Stills have a difficult to identify origin. Since the beginning of history, there have been references in Northern Europe and over the centuries there has been a clear differentiation; the Scotch Whiksy, the American Whiskey and the Irish Whsiky. The strongest being Scotch and the lightest and smoothest American whiskey.

Ingredients for distillation

Moonshine is obtained by distilling fermented malt from cereals. The most used are like barley, wheat, rye and corn. The amount of alcohol in whiskey ranges between 40% and 62%. For this reason, Whiskey is served in small quantities.

Parts of a Moonshine Pot Stills

Pota: lower part of the alembic where the elements for distillation are placed.
Column: It is the part of the alembic where the element to be distilled is placed.
Hood: upper part of the alembic where the steam comes out.
Serpentine Cube: the steam expelled by the hood is mixed with the mixture in the squid and through a tube the extract passes to the serpentine cube, where the final result is.

moonshine pot stills

At Cobrelis you will find whiskey stills of different capacities (we have from 30 to 150 liters).

Moonshine Maceration

After distillation, to achieve the aged effect in the Whiskey, it is necessary to let it marinate in wooden barrels for a considerable time (for example, American Whiskey needs 3 years of maceration).

Depending on the type of wood in the barrel, the whiskey will be enriched with certain aromas. For example, if you use an American oak barrel, you will make the drink have a certain coconut, vanilla or banana flavor.

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