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The best alembic to make brandy

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Type of alembic to distill brandy

Ingredients for distilling brandy with a copper alembic

How to distill brandy with an alembic

Distilling brandy is a process that requires knowing the fruits necessary for maceration, the type of alembic necessary and the steps you have to do to make an effective, healthy and tasty distillation.

Type of alembic for distilling brandy

At Cobrelis, your online alembic store, we recommend that you use a traditional copper alembic like the one in our 10 Liter Traditional Alembic With Thermometer and Breathalyzer catalog. It is important that the values ​​that the alembic you choose have the necessary accessories for distillation.

Traditional 10 liter copper alembic with thermometer included

Ingredients for distilling brandy with a copper alembic

You can make the maceration with any of these fruits (they are the most used):

  • Pears
  • Yellow plums
  • Plums
  • Raspberries

It is advisable to leave the fermented liquid for 3 weeks before distillation with the copper alembic.

How to distill brandy with an alembic

The fermentation liquid must be put in the lower part of the alembic and make at least 2 distillations to eliminate the ethyl content that is harmful to health (to see the appropriate levels and achieve a suitable graduation you have the breathalyzer and the thermometer).

At Cobrelis, we have a catalog of accessories for alembics that you may be interested in to achieve the best distillation of brandy.




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