Distillation Alembic

What is the best price for a copper alembic?

The price of an alembic depends exclusively on its size and capacity. At Cobrelis, we give you a series of guidelines so that you can find your alembic at an affordable price and at the same time guarantee quality in both the material and the distillate.

Prices on both the rational and international markets range, depending on the capacity, between 100 euros (traditional 3-liter still) and 1,900 (traditional 300-liter still).

When the alembic exceeds 50 liters in capacity, the price is 500 euros and reaches 1,000 euros with 100 liters. Do not forget that both 50 and 100 liters in a traditional copper alembic is a large size, intended for large distillations, if what you are looking for are more practical, small or even decorative stills, at Cobrelis we recommend that you look for your alembic between 3 and the 40 liters.

The most common sizes of stills that you will find in the online and physical market are the following, we are based on the traditional stills of our store, Cobrelis, which offers the best quality / price ratio in the alembic market nationally and internationally:

Prices of 3 Liter Alembics

-105, 60 €

Cost of 5 Liter Distillers

-117.98 €

Prices of 10 liter stills

-164.64 €

Cost of 15 Liter Distillers
-208,28 €

20 liter alembic prices
€ 234.06

Cost of 25 Liter Distillers
-261,83 €

30 Liter Still Prices
-302,50 €

Cost of 40 Liter Distillers
-389,22 €

50 Liter Still Prices
-516,99 €

80 Liter Distillers Cost
-833,77 €

100 liter alembic prices
-964,00 €

Cost of 150 Liter Distillers
-1,424.00 €

200 liter alembic prices
-1,436.00 €

Cost of 250 Liter Distillers
-1,624.00 €

300 liter alembic prices
€ 1,904.00

At Cobrelis, our online store specializing in the sale of alembics, we ship anywhere in the world and in any size.

In addition to having traditional stills, we have a lot of variety: column stills (in high demand), water bath stills, whiskey stills, essential oil stills … and many more! Find out what each one is for and their prices at

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